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Bio, Workshops and Contact Information for Lee

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Most workshops can be presented in either D-A-A or D-A-D tunings.


Lee Cagle has been a versatile performer and teacher at local and regional events throughout the Southeast since 1988.  A multi-instrumentalist, singer and storyteller, Lee presents a variety of music, from folk to meditative, from Celtic to American traditional, using mountain dulcimer, autoharp, bowed psaltery, and ukelele.  Programs available include introductory lessons on mountain dulcimer for groups of up to nine.  In addition, Lee is a recording artist, the author of several books and instructional materials on playing traditional music, particularly on the mountain dulcimer, and is the president of The Memphis Dulcimer Gathering, Inc.  She is available for festivals, private parties, public events, school programs and church services.  Call 901-877-7763 or send and email to Lee@LeeCagleDulcimers.com to schedule a performance or lessons.



I love to teach and would love to be a part of your festival or present workshops for your local dulcimer club.  Click here for a list of workshop titles.

Past events as instructor/performer: The Memphis Dulcimer & Folk Gathering; Ozark Folk Center; Chattanooga Dulcimer Festival; Southern Strings Dulcimer Festival; Unicoi Dulcimer Festival; NGFDA Spring Fling; Pink Palace Crafts Fair; Fiddle & Pick Old Time Weekend; Breakin' Up Winter Old Time Weekend; Central Florida Dulcimer & Autohop Festival.

The dulcimers that I most often play are made by McSpadden Dulcimers, Bob and Janita Baker at Blue Lion Instruments in California (www.bluelioninstruments.com), by Bob Magowan, a builder in Germantown, Tennessee, and by Bill Rich (Papaw's Dulcimers) in Seymour, TN. 
For beginners buying their first dulcimer, I usually recommend McSpadden Dulcimers in Mountain View, Arkansas.  The reason is that these dulcimers are of consistent and high quality, have good tuners, and include a 6-1/2 fret.  They are reasonably priced, and will bring a lifetime of enjoyment.  A player can always move up to a higher quality instrument later, after being sure that they want to continue (which I hope that all players will do).
For resource information on places to purchase dulcimers and other folk instruments, click here
McSpadden Dulcimers has provided dulcimers to MDG, Inc., for sale.  Profits are used for dulcimer and folk events in the Memphis area.  Click here to see the dulcimers we have for sale.

I'd love to hear from you.  If you have questions, comments, or would like booking information, please click here to e-mail me or call 901-877-7763.  You can contact me via post at P.O. Box 224, Moscow, Tennessee 38057.

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