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The Water is Wide

A volunteer project to benefit The Church Health Center

The Water is Wide CD can be purchased for $15, with all proceeds being donated to The Church Health Center.  To purchase, contact Lee Cagle at 901-877-7763.


Betty and I are excited about the release of our CD, The Water is Wide.  Producing the album was a wonderful experience, and I was so blessed to be able to work with wonderful musicians like Betty, Steve and John.  John's engineering and recording were nothing short of a work of art.  Many thanks to Jennifer for her photography and graphics work.  And Mark and Brandon at AGM were fabulous!
So..... here is the song list for the album.  I hope you find some songs that you like.
1. The Water is Wide   2. Slane (Irish trad.)   3. Shenandoah   4. Londonderry Aire
5. Peace Like a River   6. Nonesuch/Tumbalalika   7. Simple Gifts   8. Over the Waterfall
9. Amazing Grace   10. Southwind   11. Sweet Hour of Prayer   12. Blessed Quietness

Also available:  The Water is Wide Tablature Book for Mountain Dulcimer.  Play along with the CD!  $15 (plus $3 shipping).  Send check or money order to P.O. Box 224, Moscow, TN 38057.

Listen to The Water is Wide

Listen to Nonesuch/Tumbalalika

Listen to Londonderry Aire

Listen to Amazing Grace






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